RETREAT! How to recharge without running away




R- Rest! The bible talks about resting, not sleep but resting in Christ.  This is more of a Sabbath rest.  A time when you step back and breathe deep.  A time when you can find stillness and can listen to God.  This doesn’t have to be away from home.  Slip away to a quiet place.  Grab a couple of minutes of silence to just stop and breathe.  Take a whole day off.  Declare a PJ and movie day and read your bible, pray and rest while your kids watch some movies.  Head for a walk after your husband gets home from work.  Sit outside after the kids are asleep.  Forget the responsibilities beckoning you for just a moment and REST! You need this mommas!


E- Evaluate! Take an honest look at why you are feeling like you need to get away.  Are you not resting enough in your daily life?  Would getting up a bit earlier or going to bed earlier help get you on track?  Are you not expressing your feeling well and bottling things?  Lysa TerKeurst says feelings are indicators, not dictators.  You feelings are telling you something is wrong, not telling you to run away!  So what are they telling you?  Step away?  Talk to a friend?  More time in prayer?  Even start doing some major heart work about your past that you haven’t wanted to deal with?  Really evaluate your feeling of fleeing.


Cry- Cry out to God to deliver you from the struggles of motherhood.  Let’s face it, motherhood is HARD.  Being a wife is HARD.  Being a woman is HARD.  Pretending you’re sane is HARD! 😉  So cry out to the only one who can help, the only one who knows your tomorrows, your Creator!


H – Hope- Find verses of hope in scripture and post them so you don’t grow weary as easily, a quick recharge!  There is so much power in the word of God.  We know we are always full of laughs but the only way we even keep the ability to be silly is by knowing our hope is secure and that we are free!  That feeling only comes from us knowing the bible and what it says about us.  I (Jenn) have post its all over my house with little sciptures that encourage me.  I NEED that or I will grow weary.  Even my phone background says “Seek God First” to keep my wandering mind on task.  I need to remember where my hope comes from and it comes from Jesus!


A  – Ask! Ask other more experienced moms for advice, the moms you want to be like!  We already know you do this to some extend, you are here after all.  In the advent of the vitual world of blogging and Youtube you have met moms like the 3 of us.  All 3 of us have women we draw from.  This is what Titus 2 is talking about.  Titus 2:3-5 says “3 the older women likewise, that they be reverent in behavior, not slanderers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things— 4 that they admonish the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, 5 to be discreet, chaste, homemakers, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be blasphemed.” We need older women to draw from.  We also need to be sure we are pouring into younger women too!  This is critical to how women grow!


R – Recoup!  Get enough sleep, truly taking a Sabbath to reconnect with God and rest your soul.  Sleep is important.  Make sure you are getting enough rest.  A good nights sleep is truly balm to a weary soul!  Now, it wont make life easier but it will make maintaining your peace easier.  Take an evening one night a week where you let your evening activities go.  Climb in bed, right after you put the kids down, and unwind.  Rest, relax, spend time with your husband, have no agenda or anything and then just let yourself rest!  It’s so healthy for you both physically and mentally!



G – Gain momentum! Figure out why you have wanted to run away and how to fix it, go back to where you went off track.  We all get off track.  We all misstep.  Figure out where your feelings of wanting to flee come from.  For me, Jenn, it is too much social media or outside home stuff going on, rarely is it my kids!  For Kristen it is feeling like she’s not in control.  For Jamerrill it is too much pressure.  So what is it for you?  What’s your trigger?  How can you reduce it or remove from your life?


E – enjoy! Be guilt free!  Be free to enjoy time away from your family to reconnect with God, God will always be your #1 priority!  There is no guilt in time fellowshipping with your Creator. You need to be full in order to pour out.  It is CRITICAL!  So don’t let the enemy tell you that time away is wrong! Remember, this can happen even within your own walls!  It can happen with a walk in nature or a trip to hide in the bathroom for a few minutes.  You are free to enjoy that time! It is that time that allows you to go and pour out to your family!  Let your cup be filled to the point it overflows and then everyone will benefit!

So, what do you guys think about this game plan for finding time away without running away?  What do you think you will start to do differently now when you want to run and hide?