#IAmYourVoice- Iraqi and Syrian refugee support campaign


A few weeks ago, Kristen and I felt helpless watching what was happening in Iraq and Syria.  We sat, a world away, and we watched as people were fleeing everything they had for safety. We prayed God would give us the opportunity to help. He opened up doors to let us join forces with Food […]

State of Emergency Preparedness kit

State of Emergency preparation list

With a hard winter looming its important to be ready for emergencies.  We made a printable list for you to put in an emergency kit for your family.  Each member of the family should have their own bag with their own supplies.  On top of these things you should also be sure you have things […]

Why we started Planet Mommyhood

Why we started Planet Mommyhood

Kristen and Jenn talk all about why and how they started Planet Mommyhood. Stick around till the end to see just why we are so surprised people watch us. We really do love you guys for sticking around cause we are a HOT MESS!

Jenn’s Vlog 14: Pregnancy with Hyperemesis Gravidarium

Jenn's Vlog 14: Pregnancy with Hyperemesis Gravidarum - Planet Mommyhood

Jenn get asked a lot about her pregnancies. Since she has had so many, people assume they have all gone well and she just loves being pregnant. Nothing could be further from the truth. Through all 7 term pregnancies she has suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarium. That’s like morning sickness times a million. Maybe 2 million. […]